What do I need to use and install to
Prevent Spyware Infections & Internet Attacks?

Install Firefox, Adblock Plus Internet Browser and make it your default browser. Only use Internet Explorer when you want to download Microsoft Windows Updates

To protect you PC from Internet Attacks Install and launch SandBoxie Then Launch your browser through it. When done browsing, just right click and delete the contents of your SandBoxie and you will never be infected by virus or spyware. Always Remember to launch your browser only through SandBoxie. Otherwise, When Internet surfing without SandBoxie, do this...Some Trojans and Spyware programs are installed via your browser or a Pop Up message, regardless of you cancel or close the dialog box. For this reason, if you're prompted with these Pop Ups when your not using SandBoxie, immediatly Press and hold the computerís Power ON switch till it SHUTS DOWN. Of course, by doing so you will lose all work you did not already save , However when you re-start, your computer will not be infected. Thus, preventing and avoiding hours or days of pc cleaning and restoring.

" When prompted, Do not Update WiseCare it is no longer freeware and never Install tool bars, they will slow down your PC and track your Internet surfing."
Install and use the following software to Scan, Clean and Protect your PC. Do read the setup instructions.

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