Steps to ScanDisk and Defrag

WINNT 4.0 / Windows 2000

 Running the scandisk and defrag tools will reduce most application errors and will enhance the performance of your operating system.

Scandisk /Disk Defrag Here is a disk defragmentation tool that supports FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS volumes. Other than being a little faster and more user friendly, the program does not appear to have any significant advantages over the standard Windows defragmenter.

Please follow these steps to fix most Dr.Watson Errors: -

With your Mouse Double Click My Computer Icon on your desktop. When opened, Right Click on your C: Drive then Left Click on Properties

Now Left Click on the Tools tab

On this Sheet look for then Left click on Check Now Tab.

Check both boxes then click start.

In order for Scan Disk to begin you must RESTART your PC. You will see a blue screen after you restart and it will take about 30 minuets to complete the scandisk process when it's finished, Login to the system then go back and start the defrag process as shown below. this only pertains to windows 2000. WINNT 4.0 does not come with a defrag utility.