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Advanced Port Scanner Scans for open port of a host or a range of hosts.

Spiceworks Need a quick network inventory & PC audit? A network tool that lets you scan your network & see what’s on every device? Spiceworks PC Inventory can: •Discover Windows, Mac & Linux PCs •View software, patches & services •Track licensing, service tags & locations •Generate a variety of inventory reports •Store network data locally & securely Completely Free.

HTTP Header Collects and displays all web re-directions and HTTP and HTTPS sites you access from your computer's Internet Explorer. Great site access monitoring tool that views headers, cookies, and caching behavior for any Web page, image, or downloaded file..

TRACER Trace network connections and find out where the bottle nicks are.

IP-Calculator Great tool for network engineers, it will calculate Subnets and displays information about IP addresses, including the range of IP addresses in a given subnet, individual host numbers, recommended subnet masks, and other information. Simply enter an IP address and the number of subnet bits you wish to use, and the program will display valuable information.

Host Alive Good pinger program . Will log and alarm you if and when a system goes Online or Offline. Can Email you too. I used it to catch an intruder used to come into a private network.

 TCPview Great Freeware, Great Freeware, will show real time remote connection to your PC. Will display their IP address,local and remote ports and programs in use. You can close each and any connection. Works Great!

LanGuard Scanner LANguard network scanner is a freeware security scanner to audit your network security. It scans entire networks and provides NetBIOS information for each computer such as host name, shares, logged on user name. It does OS detection, password strength testing, detects registry issues and more. Reports are outputted in HTML. Click Here for an earlier version that will scan subnets

Network Probe is a program for monitoring network activity. It gives you an instant picture of the traffic situation on your network and enables you to identify and isolate traffic problems displayed on your browser in real-time. System Administrators will love it.

Winipcfg Quick tool to use if you want to know your IP address! Made for NT, 2000 and XP.

WUPS Scans for open UDP ports on a targeted host.

My Wan IP This little handy tool will display your Internet IP address. The actual address you're using on the world wide web. This address is not the same as your local network address. If you like to see your local IP address type IPCONFIG from a DOS window.

Netapi Manager is an NT enterprise system management application that provides an integrated collection of administration and user account utilities and tools. You will love it! The installation is in German but the the actual software is in English.

Sam Spade Great tool to use if you need to lookup or find detailed information on an Internet site. Please do not use to achieve malicious ends.

Speed-O-Meter Measures and displays the TRUE incoming and Outgoing transmission speed of your computer's network adapters and modems. This version is Free . If you upgrade you have to buy it.