Causes & Solutions


PC Lock ups and Application Errors



Bad sector on the hard drive where the file is loading.
Run Scandisk , select Auto Fix Errors
Hard Disk is fragmented.
De-fragment Hard Drive
PC has a Virus.
Run VirusScan with latest DAT files.
The executable program file is corrupt.
Overwrite the file with a known good one.
Bad sector in RAM where program is temporarily stored during execution.
Replace or Run RAM tests.
DLL conflict with another program.
Remove then Re-install program.
Program was not installed properly.
Re-install program.

Hard Drive is Full.

Search for and Delete the contents of Temp/TMP Directories, Temporarily internet directory, Netscape cache, Empty the Recycle Bin. No free space still? Then,Replace with a bigger Hard Drive.
A program refuses to shutdown.
Contact the vender for a program Update, Fix or a Patch.

In the meantime, do the following: - instead of shutting down, go to Start, select logoff. Promptly and as soon as you see the logon banner, press control,Alt, Delete and select SHUT DOWN.