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Treating Children Asthma.
How to Reduce, Stop and or Eliminate Attacks

The most common treatment by doctors is the daily course of SINGULAIR and Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation and Budesonide Suspensions given to the child. Needless to say, we have been doing this to our baby since she was 2 years old but we stopped it when she was almost 4 years old; When we discovered the real cause for her Asthma, Sniffles, chest wheezing and constant loss of appetite! (She hardly ever wanted to eat! she only drinks organic milk, water or anything we trick her to eat).
Everyday she wakes up with the sniffles and congestions especially when it is cold; We wound up giving her Albuterol Sulfate and Budesonide Suspensions on daily basis (twice a day at least) then we discovered the cause for all of these issues:

You won't belive it! It was the Milk, cheese and chocolates she was consuming! To help cure your child and or reduce the Asthma attacks try this for a few days and you will not regret it. Make sure to keep giving your child SINGULAIR, Albuterol and Budesonide Inhalations if and when they needed or until you notice that your child is no longer waking up with sniffles, wheezing and eating pretty good. Believe me Your child will ever hardly needed as soon as one day you're on this program. I am not saying to through them away, Keep them around for if and when you child may need them.

The Solution : -

1- You must Give your child " Kids Cold & Mucus Relief™ " every 4 hours as instructed on the label for kids between 2 and 4 years old) you will be amazed from the immediate results. Wheezing will disapear, and airaways will open up. You can also find it at the Walmart off the counter children cold medicines.

2- Stop giving your child Milk, Yogurt, Cheese,and Chocolates ; even if they nag you. Give them sliced Romano cheese sandwiches Instead.

3- Fill your child 's bottle or glass with Fresh squeezed Orange and Carrots Juice as many times as they could drink it.

4- Only once a day, Add no more than 1/4 teaspoon (for kids between 3 and 4 years old) of Animal Parade Multi liquid vitamin to One of the fresh squeezed Orange/Carrot juice you will be giving your child. (This will provide the needed Calcium and D vitamins to your child) You can find it at the Vitamin Shop Animal Parade

Here is what my child eats:
Breakfast:- From 7 AM till 10 AM sliced carrots, grapes, Bananas. Mixed orange/carrote juice with 1/4 teaspoon of vitamins, 1 scrambled eggs in raw coconut butter oil.
Lunch:- Between 12 PM till 3 PM wholewheat organic rice with organic sliced grilled chicken, boiled Brocolli, Fresh Juice, spring water, sliced organic peaches and or apples.
Dinner:- Hamburger or baked fries & Fish Sticks, Spring water, Fruits.
Snacks: Fruits, Pop-Corn, Yogurt, Fresh squeezed Juice.

Rest assured, soon after your child is feeling better and free of allergy, you can resume an occasional cereal with milk, chocolate however, i would stay away from it.

Summary: - As soon as you stop giving your Child Milk, processed Cheese, and Chocolates you will notice the child having much better appetite and playfull and is no longer prone to Colds, Wheezing, Sniffels and will hardly need to take his asthma and Singular medicines.

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